The Dwelling Place

Psalm 84 – click to read!

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you’d go way out of your way just to have it? Sometimes it takes going to several different stores just to find it. If we do that in our lives – how is it that we forget to do the same thing when it comes to our relationship with God? According to the Word of God, even the swallow and sparrow have a home that God has provided – a dwelling place. When our lives get so busy, we tend to forget to rest in the dwelling place of the Lord. Sometimes if we haven’t given every aspect of our lives to Him, we can’t rest and we find that we’re miserable.

The House:

jesus_knocking_at_ur_door1 There’s a story of a man who received a phone call from Jesus, and He mentioned that He was on His way over to visit the man’s house. Upon hanging up the phone the man went and cleaned up the whole house. He ran out to the garage and tidied up making it clean. The next stop was the kitchen, the dishes were quickly washed and stacked neatly in the cupboards. the man proceeded with each room.


He was at the door, knocking. The image of the famous painting of Jesus knocking at the door flashed in the man’s mind.

“Coming!” and he opened the door allowing Jesus to enter his home.

Jesus stared at the sparkling interior of the home, allowing the fresh scent of lemon to fill his nostrils. “Lovely home you have.” and he glided to the living room and picked up the newly dusted Bible. Setting it back down walked into the kitchen to look at the freshly cleaned room and neatly stacked dishes. “This must be where you eat your Bread?” Jesus continued into the garage. “I see you have been working with the gifts that were given to you. You do nice work, My Father would be pleased.” Jesus walked back into the house and walked up the stairs to the bedroom door – IT WAS LOCKED!

“Let’s go to the guest room, where you’ll be staying.” the man suggested.

Jesus’ hand held onto the door handle. “I would love to see your room.”

Protesting, “This is my private area – my space.”

“I understand – let me see it. For if you do  you’ll have peace of mind and rest.”

Reluctantly, yet willingly, the man handed him the key for the room. He didn’t really want Jesus to see. The man watched intently as Jesus entered the room and he was ashamed. Then without warning the Lord began to pick up the room, paint the walls, throw away the garbage and in the middle of the master wall He hung a beautiful portrait of himself.

“Now that I’m Lord of your life, I need to be Lord over every room of your house.

Our Choice:

Every area of our life we need to hand to Him. Just as the man was willing to give Jesus the key to his private room – we need to allow Him to become the main attraction in our lives. He needs to dwell within the house of our lives. Because if He does, we’ll find our rest. Our hearts and flesh cry out to Him – we might as well begin to praise Him in every area of our life, instead of hiding areas from Him. Our desire is for Him and to find that dwelling place in Him – we just have to be willing to open our heart and mind to Him and allow Him to cleanse us. We have free access to God – we can come before His throne and lay our lives down at the Altar and allow Him to become our King and our God, yet we have to willingly come to the Tabernacle of His grace and allow His rest to fill us. We just have to open the door and allow Him to take control of our lives. In that we will find our rest and we will be able to praise Him with open arms, nothing to hide.

Jesus is going out of His way to meet with us – are we?

Blessings in Christ,

J. B. Sisam

© 2009 J. B. Sisam | All Rights Reserved


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