Destined for Purpose

Jeremiah 29:11; “I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.”

Everyone who has ever lived or died had a purpose to fulfill. Whether they did or not is between that person and God. When I look or walk through a grave yard I see one thing – countless untold stories, unwritten books, unsung songs, new ideas that have never been formed, adventures never taken. It breaks my heart when someone doesn’t live to the full potential that God has placed within their lives.

Earlier this summer my sister and I went to see Disney’s new movie “UP.” If you haven’t seen the movie, I encourage you to watch it before finishing this devotional, as I’m about to give away some major spoilers.

The story follows the last days of an elderly man, who has lost everything he’s loved. His wife died, and his house is being taken over by land developers who are placing a skyscraper in its place. In anger of them wanting to force him to move out of the house he and his wife built their lives together in, he fills thousands of balloons and lifts the house right off its foundation.

His goal is a grand new adventure to the place in where he and his wife wanted to go and build a house, an exotic land where dreams came true – beautiful waterfalls and cliffs rising above the river. Along the way he meets a boy who is in a group similar to the Boy Scouts. They encounter grand danger and adventure. The old man had a scrapbook his wife made of all their adventures and there were several pages she made before dying. He was set and determined to finish the last adventure he and his wife never did and then die at that place. At the end of the movie he finally, after many mishaps, decides to read the last few pages of the scrapbook. In it she said that her life with him was her greatest adventure and then she said for him to go and make new adventures and live his life to the full to honor her memory.

God’s desire is to see us prosper in everything that we do. He has the perfect future for us to accomplish before we die. What we do with the desires and dreams He’s given us is up to us to fulfill by His grace. He’ll give us the plan and the tenacity to finish the race set before us – what ever we set our hands to will prosper. We are destined to live a life full of purpose. Our life is based upon our relationship with Christ. How we think and how we act determine our attitude towards life. Our thoughts and that in which we dwell upon drive our character.

He thinks the world of us and wants to see us succeed. So, like our elderly man in “UP,” we are to head out and create adventures filled with purpose, because we are created with a destiny to fulfill.


Blessings in Christ,

J. B. Sisam


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