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I first want to thank those who’ve subscribed to my mailing list – every time I update my blog you’ll get an e-mail notification with a short blurb about the post and you can forward it to everyone you know, add it to your facebook to share it with all your friends… and the list goes on.

If you have not  yet subscribed to my site via e-mail I encourage  you to do so.  You’ll be added to the mailing list and you’ll receive updates on my ministry, books other writings – you’ll also get my weekly devotionals straight to your e-mails inbox! 

You can subscribe either here on this post at…. Subscribe to J. B. Sisam by Email by clicking on the link – or go to my contact page and do so there…. CONTACT

Follow the instructions and don’t forget to check your e-mail once signing up to confirm  your subscription.

I’m also on Facebook.com – if you’re on facebook – tell all your friends about me by becoming a fan of J. B. Sisam. visit the contact page and follow the link to Facebook.com  

In His Service,

J. B. Sisam


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