NEW FLASH-FICTION: The Trees – Part 1

By J. B. Sisam | © 2009 All Rights Reserved 

            A deep, thick and heavy fog slithered along the ground like a python seeking its next victim to devour. The wind whistled through the bare, bony branches of the trees who stood at attention like a vast army ready for battle. Each branch snapped against the other causing any mans blood to run cold. As he strolled through the woods his eyes widened searching for anything to calm the fear. It was dark and the fog wrapped its tentacles around his ankles blocking his vision from an unseen assailant hiding in its clutches. His mind reeled as demonic talons slashed their way into his soul as a vise-grip clamped onto his heart. The air in his lungs squeezed out like a deflating balloon. His eyes became wide as he tried gathering his breath….. Click to read more!


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