I’ll Follow God if…

Gen. 28:20-21 (NLT)Click to read passage.

Have you ever wondered where our Christian life is supposed to start, or begin? I have a very simple solution… at the beginning of our relationship with God. When we made the decision to become Christ followers, living lives of pursuit of God, that decision entered us into a relationship with Him. We quickly find that God has His very best in-mind for us. He wants us to succeed and be prosperous in our spiritual life.

I wrote on my Facebook wall the other day, “If we want to succeed in life, we must give up what is most important to in our life to God!” Many people live with the mindset that we’ll only follow God if… he does this, or does that, meets this need or that need. Jacob had the mindset, ‘If God will be with me, and keep me…, then the Lord shall be my God.’ What a weak-minded and selfish idea of our relationship with God. We’re not to be giving God stipulations in our relationship, we’re to live a life in service to Him; and in turn He blesses us.

Being in control is what we do best. We don’t like to give up what is important to us, but, if we want a successful life in Christ we must give our full life over to Him. Jacob wanted God to do something before he would consider Him as God of his life. God will meet our needs and the Bible makes it abundantly clear that God will meet our needs according to His riches in glory that we have in Christ Jesus. He will never let us down!

It is not easy for us to live our lives where we are not in control, because that’s what we do best. When we learn to give up and relinquish control of our lives, and that which is important to us, we will begin the process of becoming Christ-like in thought, deed and action. When we try and grasp the promises of God and allow Him to reveal Himself to us, we’ll have a much better understanding of who God is.

Take this to heart, allow God to reveal Himself to you, find out what it truly means to give up your life and desires to God. When you do that, the blessings of God will be poured out upon your life. You may not see them in the natural, but you’ll definitely see them in the spiritual.

Blessings in  Christ,

J. B. Sisam


2 thoughts on “I’ll Follow God if…

  1. “Being in control is what we do best.”

    Being in control is what we demand even though being in control is what we really suck at. We’re like sheep without a shepherd, like a ship in the middle of ocean without any means of discerning our location. As Genesis 3:16 says, “Your desire will be to rule over your husband and he will rule over you.” That’s the only kind of control we know. Sad. Pathetic.

    Thanks for the post.


  2. You’re welcome, and Thanks for the comment… It is true we love being in control, and yes we do terrible at it. This is why we need to constantly remind ourselves that in order for us to truly be successful in life we, as Jesus said, must deny ourselves, pick up the cross and follow Him. In other words, die to our desires and allow His purpose to be fulfilled in our lives. When we give up our desires for the sake of the Kingdom of God, He will bring our desires/plans, if aligned with His will, to fruition. May the Lord Jesus bless you.

    Writing for Him,
    J. B. Sisam


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