Check it out… a new flash fiction piece I wrote is now up for reading! The question I posed in writing this was… “What would it have been like for Joshua to ask God in how to cross the Jordan River. Now we may have a clear and fun picture to try and answer that question.

Don’t forget to read, “The Trees – Part 1” if you missed that.

Blessings in Christ,

J. B. Sisam

— here’s an excerpt —

The day came all too soon. No one could have expected the outcome that took place, but yet here it was. The air crisp caused gooseflesh to ripple on the skin. Not one person moved, each soldier stayed in his line. If one man moved before the trumpet sounded, and before those who carried the Ark of God moved, it could spell disaster and the war would be over before it began.
The river raged violently in front of the vast army. Each wave crashed into the rocks causing a giant upheaval of water into the air. Could this really be the beginning of a new future for the people God had so miraculously chosen out of Egypt? Forty years was a long time to wait.
He waited silently. Not one man dared speak until he spoke the command to move forward.
The people stood, each man by his tent door as Joshua moved to the Tabernacle of Meeting. The same tent his mentor, spiritual father, Moses erected to seek God’s face in times of need. This was a time of need. He needed to know how to proceed.
“Cross the river.”
Was that God speaking?

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