Is That Really You God?

The question, “Is that really you God,” becomes one of the most popular questions to ask ones self? How many times do we ask that in our daily life? The same goes for salvation; we tend to worry if we are or are not saved. My Grandma Sisam’s pastor, Russell Surls wrote a book on “The Essentials of Salvation.” This is what he says, “There are many decisions a person makes in their lifetime. In fact, our life is made up entirely of decisions… There are big decisions to make…. These are decisions… that may have lifelong consequences.”

Jesus stated in John 10:27; “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them and they follow Me.” Because we are the Lord’s children we should be continually asking Him, “What are you saying to me?” We can go days, weeks and sometime years without knowing that God has been speaking to us. Many Christians don’t know how to listen for the voice of the Lord. When He speaks, we need to listen; but how do we listen/hear, especially in decision making?

I heard it put this way once. The voice of God is like a feather. His thoughts are different from ours. However, if we’re not paying attention we’ll miss what He has to say, it will float by without our notice. We need to reach up with open ears and pluck that feather from the air. It should be so precious that we care for it as if we’re caring for the world’s most prized treasure.

You say, “That’s fine and all, but you still have not answered the question.” Let me put it this way. When we spend time with someone we love and treasure, we know them and can pick their voice out of crowd. Because life is noisy and can be very distracting, we need to be spending as much time with God as we can. It is a relationship… God desires a relationship and communion with us, just as we need communion with each other. The more we know Him, the easier it will be to hear His voice when He speaks. It takes time, but with time, we learn who He is. This will keep us from asking the question; “Is that really you God?

This will only happen if we allow the Holy Spirit to come and direct our lives – living, breathing in and through us. Remember, you don’t get to know God over night… but you can through time and commitment. So, when those big decisions arise in your life you’ll know what God is saying, because you’ll be able to hear His voice and pull it out of the crowd noise of life.

Writing for Him,

J. B. Sisam


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