Life’s a Surprise: The Wedding Countdown pt. 5


Image I have to be the luckiest and happiest man alive. I do realize this sounds clichéd, because every guy, who’s been where I am, has said the same thing when he was about to marry his bride. For me I’m so excited I can hardly stand myself. Some of you girls reading this are thinking… “Oh that’s so cute!” and… it is, I’ll admit. Between all the hustle and bustle of going here, getting this, writing this check for each vendor, I have fallen more and more in-love with Kari. She is the best thing that has happened to me.

When I decided to take our relationship to the next level, I wanted to do something special that would blow her socks off. After thinking, I decided to do what I do best; write! Because I’m a writer, the best way for me to convey what’s in my heart is to write it out onto paper. So this is what I did.

Our church was having their annual winter conference, which thankfully I wasn’t asked to speak at. Kari and I decided that during the afternoon of Saturday, February 26 we would go to the Mall of America and go see the Under the Sea Adventure. I’d never been, and it had been a few years for Kari. The night before I stayed up and wrote out 7 cards, one for each date we had been on. In these cards I described what my favorite part of the date was. And without fail, I mentioned one thing I noticed and liked about Kari.

I know, you girls are still saying… “Awww….” whilst clasping your hands to your heart.

I sealed each envelope with my wax seal and tied a gold-foiled ribbon around the cards forming a single package. The whole time walking through the large cavern tunnels of the water world, I was only thinking about one thing and one thing only; asking Kari to be my girlfriend. I know, some might think this shouldn’t be a big deal, but to me, it was a huge deal, as I have not had a steady relationship with anyone in years. I was scared spitless, even though I knew what she would say.

Time slowed to a halt as we got back into the car. These notes were burning a hole in my jacket pocket. No sooner than did we get to the entrance ramp to I-494 from the Mall of America, that I pulled out the packet of cards from my jacket pocket.

“Kari…” I said, feeling like a ton of bricks were about to crash the party on my voice.


“I… have… something for you.” I handed her the bound stack of note cards. Before I let her speak I had to get it out into the open. “I stayed up late last night writing these, because I wanted to write down everything I enjoyed about all of our dates so far.”

I couldn’t believe how heavy and how fast my heart was beating. If someone had put a stethoscope to my chest, one would have thought I was about to pop the question, skip the dating and ask Kari to marry me. That’s how nervous I was.

“Would you like me to read these now?” Kari asked.

“If you would like to.” If you would like to? Of course I wanted her to read them. That was the whole point. Boy, did I feel dumb.

“Okay.” And she opened the first one.

…There is one thing that sticks out in my mind about that first date. It wasn’t the bowling… or the small chatting we did; it was your eyes. I was captivated by your eyes…. when I look into your eyes, that I lose all of my thoughts. And I’m okay with that.

“You’re going to make me cry.” Kari said. “That’s so sweet.” She proceeded to read the other 5 notes I wrote. With each sentence, I could hear her saying, That’s so sweet, really, you wrote all that, you think this way? It’s safe to say, I blew her socks off. Guys, if you want to romance your girl, write a note, leave it on the counter, or take her out and give her a sweet card, just to say I love you; it will mean the world to her.

Kari came to the last card, and on the envelope I wrote that day’s date. She curiously glanced it over then said, “Am I to read it now or later?”

I smiled. “Read it now, It’ll make sense as you read.”

In all honesty, my heart was pounding in and out of my chest. I was so nervous and excited all at the same time.  The funny thing was having her read a note about a date that was currently happening.

Kari the moment we met, at Dave and Andrea’s wedding, I wanted to ask you out then…. The moment I walked into the bowling alley I gave you and me to the Lord, and if there was something to happen between us, I wanted God to be right smack in the middle of our relationship. Will you join me on this adventure, as we build for something awesome for the future, no matter where that future leads us?

Little did I know, when I wrote that, Kari and I would be about to walk down a wedding aisle one last time just over a year later? I have never felt so, in-love with anyone, and I never will. God has granted me a woman who would be with me through everything.

As the summer of 2011 progressed, life took a hard turn for me, and would test our relationship. But, because of God’s grace, and a woman who loves me no matter what, I have been able to pull through and see the light at the end of a dark tunnel.

 Love is patient, Love is kind…. It perseveres… LOVE NEVER FAILS!



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