Life’s a Surprise: The Wedding Countdown FINALE


It’s an incredible feeling to be on the threshold of the rest of your life. I will never be in this moment ever again, and I wouldn’t want to be. Yet, at the same time, everything in life doesn’t have to drastically change. When you think about it, life does have those crazy little moments where you look back and see the path that God has had you on this whole time.

In college there was a girl I dated. Our relationship heated up pretty fast, and by the time we were 6 months into the relationship, I was feeling pretty good about where things were headed. Then to my amazement, she broke it off, because her parents wanted it to be broken off, and the best part, she called me from another country to say it was over. I had the money for a ring set aside, and no one to spend the money on. I ended up using the monies as part of the down payment to my house.

After the break-up, I decided to take a sabbatical day and pray. I walked around for hours in the woods praying, asking God why. One thing I’ve learned in 15 years of ministry is, God does not and will not ever answer the why questions of life. God will only give us the understanding and the wisdom to see where we need to see in the moment we need to see what we should. This is where I was. I knew God wouldn’t answer my question, but He did do something special. He gave me a vision and a word.

The vision the Lord gave me was of a NASCAR racetrack, I don’t know which one, but it was a racetrack. I was sitting in the driver’s seat and came to the pit to have my tires changed and gas put in the car. And then off I went to continue the race.

I had no clue what God was showing me. This is what He said. “Jason, you are in a race, and the relationship you gave me is put on hold. I am calling you to the pit to rest, and once you’re done there, I’ll send you back out to continue in a relationship.”

When I heard that word, it brought comfort to me; however, I was thinking it was for the relationship that had ended—little did I know I would be on a journey that would last nearly 10 years. And what a wonderful journey it has been. The Lord brought me back to that vision I had 10 years ago and He completed His word to me.

“Jason, I’ve had you in the pit, changing tires and getting new gas, for 10 years. The time has come for you to return to the race with the race partner I’ve called you to have. Your resting time is over, it’s time to go!”

Now it all makes perfect sense! It’s amazing how God works things out. I assumed I knew what He meant, now that I look back and see the journey I’ve been on. I can honestly say that God has had my back this whole time, and has led me to the point where I will marry the woman I love. Nothing could be better. Scripture says, “All things work together for the GOOD (Emphasis mine) of those who love God and are called according to His purpose.” It’s not our purpose or plans, it’s God’s, and that’s all that should matter. Nothing more, nothing less.

Looking back to that campsite, when I was watching Kari and my mom in the kitchen tent, I can say, that is the moment I knew. That was the moment when I clearly heard the Holy Spirit say, “This is your wife.” So, the planning began—first to ask her if marriage was something she wanted—second, find the ring.

I honestly think it was around 20 shops we visited, before finally finding the perfect ring. Once I found the ring, it was time to pick the diamond. Oh, how much fun that was. I watched Kari, as she carefully studied each diamond, until she picked the perfect match to the ring. Now the question I was asking myself, will my checkbook like the diamond as much as I do?

God is amazing. Here I was worried that I’d have a hard time paying for this ring, and He miraculously came through with the right amount of money for me to purchase Kari’s engagement ring. God is good. I remember walking into the store to pick up the ring. It was Monday, October 3, 2011. I’m sure the beam shot straight to the sun and ricocheted off and illuminated the entire northern hemisphere.

Details. I like details. Kari’s ring was burning a hole in my pocket, and I knew I had to get it out of my pocket and onto her finger. So, I prepared some note cards for her to open during work that Friday, October 7. I told Kari to open one every other hour at work. To help her out, I time stamped each note. The whole idea was to begin the romance of the day with special cards.

I planned the whole evening out. I told Kari I was taking her out on the town that night. We were going to do a progressive dinner. So I picked an expensive and upscale Italian restaurant for the main course, but I needed a place for the appetizer, so, with her help we picked Red stone. By the way you should get their artichoke and chips. But I never told her what I was doing for dessert.

This is where I had all kinds of fun. While she was at work, I went to Bauchmans for 2 dozen roses. Then I went to a bakery and asked the baker to make up a couple raspberry tarts, with extra raspberries. I took everything over to my parents house. I was going to need their help. While we were out to dinner, my parents were at Kari’s apartment setting up the roses, dessert, tea light candles, two taper candles, twinke lights and rose petals.

Now what I needed was a perfect excuse to get back to her apartment for dessert. This whole time Kari is thinking we’re going to go to a third restaurant. What better way than to use my headaches and forgetfulness to lure her back. I said that my head was throbbing and I needed to go back k to the apartment go get some ibuprofen. The best part is, Kari always keep it in her purse for me, so I took it out of her purse.

Once we arrived at her place she asked if she could stay in the car or if I wanted her to come with. My response was perfect hook, “I left my keys in your apartment… you can come up.”

I stepped back as she opened up the door. I have never seen her more speechless in my life. All Kari could do was stand there and say, when did you do this. what….. when…. for about ten minutes. says she was taking it all in I got down on one knee as she turned around.

“I have a question for you…?”


“Kari, will you marry me?”


I could not have asked God for a better woman to marry. Kari is my best friend, my right hand, my strength, and as I wait for her at the front of the alter, I will be I tears of joy and jubilation in God answering my prayers.

Kari, as I wait for you today, know that you are my confidant, companion, friend and soulmate. I thank God daily for you. I love you and……… I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!



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