How Do We Respond?

The absolute depravity and degradation of what an unregenerate man is capable, saddens me. But, in the degradation of mankind, there is an over-riding sovereignty of a passionate love our Creator God bestows upon us is so much more than we can ask for.

In my writer’s guild meeting last night, Author Jeanette Windle said, “Our God (Yahwah) is not about safety and tranquility, but when we look at the images in scripture, we can find that God can be found in the roaring waters, thunder, lighting and storms. We are not called to safety, but are called to stand strong in the storm… it is in standing strong within the storm we will experience the presence of God.”

I’ve often heard people say, “God will never allow us to go through something we can’t handle.” But, isn’t that bad theology? If we go through something that we can handle… where do we then place our faith? The Bible calls us to place our trust and faith in Jesus, but if we don’t have to, we can handle what comes our way, then there is not faith.

So, I challenge that statement with this thought. “God WILL allow us to go through storms and trials that are more than we can handle; so that we may learn to trust and place our faith in His hand. It is in this that we will find peace and safety.

So, how do we respond to such a horrific event? Do we allow fear to rise up, or do we as believers take a stand, ride the storm and take our calling to nail down the shingles in the midst of the storm? We are privileged to serve a God who is not tame–but is fierce, wild and awesome! He is the God of the storms. He is calling us to stand strong and bring hope to a storm filled world; to impact a culture of people who need the Good News of Jesus Christ and the hope He has to offer to an unregenerate man, who is capable of serving the very Creator they have shunned.

I was going to write a response to the Boston bombing attacks, but when I read this post… they said everything I was going to mention.

Read the linked blog below from… come back here and respond. How will you respond in the midst of the storm?


J. B. Sisam

CLICK HERE: How Do We Respond?.


One thought on “How Do We Respond?

  1. If we were made exempt from pain or we were given a clear explanation for our pain, we would never need to lean on God.

    The times when my faith has grown the most have been the times of deepest trial when I have spent the most time on my knees in prayer and meditating on the promises of God in scripture.

    When my life falls apart in one way or another, I always try to adopt the attitude of Job and keep saying, “Blessed be the name of the Lord” whatever the circumstances.


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