The Shortest Verse

Have you ever wondered what Jesus was thinking about when Lazarus died? have you been waiting for God to move in your life, and have wondered why you’ve seen nothing.

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More Than A Beard

Imagine with me. Your brother is dying. His best friend, is the one you believe can save him from death’s clutches, is several days from you. You send word that your brother is near death’s door. Days go by with no word, no phone call, nothing. He finally dies after several days of waiting. You’re heart broken. Why didn’t he come? Thinking to yourself as a hot tear streaks down your cheek.

Four days go by and he finally arrives.

In John’s gospel we will never fully understand the grief Mary and Martha experienced in the death of their brother, Lazarus. They believed Jesus was the Son of God. They believed that if they had enough faith, Jesus would heal their brother before death claimed him. Yet, when Jesus didn’t arrive, and Lazarus died, they were heart broken. Both Martha then Mary confronted Jesus.

Jesus comforts them saying, “Your brother…

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