What’s the point of it all?: Acts 4:21-26

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I spoke at Life Church  yesterday and I wanted to share an excerpt from my sermon notes. (sermon video to come later this week.)

I pray you’ll be encouraged.

Acts 4:21-26 – click to read

The rulers of Israel were so convinced that God indeed existed they could not refute the fact the people were praising God for what the disciples of Jesus did. They stopped believing the truth and wrote it as they saw fit. And because of this they threatened the disciples for speaking in the name of Jesus.

Without God, there is no meaning of life. They teach us in school that we are preprogramed machines happened by accident. If that’s the case, we can do what we please. A murderer cannot be held accountable for his actions because he’s simply born that way. It’s okay, he can’t help the way he’s been made, and it’s in his nature. So how can they be punished for doing something they were born to do?

Without God there is no meaning to freedom. Without God there is nothing to place value on humanity, thus humanity can act as they see fit There is an inconsistency with this type of unbelief in God. Josh McDowell says this in his book “In Search of Certainty” pg 67 paragraph 1:

“When people choose unbelief over belief in God, they choose a view of the universe so out of step with reality that it is impossible to live consistently with it. The universe is too relentlessly rational and orderly to allow us to construct our own version of reality. Every day unbelievers will be forced to contend with and make decisions about realities they steadfastly deny but cannot elude.”

It’s because of this ideology that people within the church are beginning to doubt that Jesus is the Son of God. Yet, when we boil it down the simple fact that God exists gives people hope and takes away the notion that we’re all blind chance.

If people want to be certain in an open-minded world we must first understand there is a God. His love is so deep and so wide we cannot ignore it. Where do we think the golden rule came from?

This brings me back to the point of it all. For society to accept God exists they need to come to terms that they are living in sin. Whether people believe it or not, we are answerable to God for our lives and the decisions we make. As Christians, we are free from sin, but God’s grace does not give us the permission to sin.

Nothing fits together or works the way it should unless God is the absolute behind it all. The universe takes on meaning because God had a plan behind it all. He created each person to fulfill a purpose and we can find that purpose when we finally acknowledge that God exists.


J. B. Sisam


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