Sovereignty of God

Life Ring

Listened to Chuck Swindoll this morning on KTIS AM 900. HIs message was on the Sovereignty of God, and how we take it for granted. In everything that happens in life, whether or not is in God’s will, always works according to His will. And, nothing happens without God fist knowing about it.

He asked a question, “If I preach the gospel to one individual and God has predestined them to get saved, they will–but if I preach the gospel to an individual and they are not predestined to be saved, no matter how much preaching I do, they will never be saved. What’s wrong with this picture?”

He continued to say nothing happens without God first knowing. If that is, then it would seem that God gives every person the chance to receive Christ without any predestination on His part, even though He knows what they will ultimately choose. Each person has equal access to God, wether or not they accept Him is solely on the individual, not God. That is the beauty of His Sovereignty. We are saved, because He chooses to save us through Christ, when we accept the work Christ has done. He doesn’t save us because we exist and have no choice in our salvation (as the Calvinist would say) we are saved simply because of our acceptance of Christ and God’s Sovereignty in His choice to accept us into His Kingdom.

Though God’s sovereignty weaves its way through His dealings with creation, the word rarely appears in Scripture. One instance, in Psalm 103:19, proves that nothing takes God by surprise. He does everything according to His own will (Psalm 115:3; Ephesians 1:11).

Here is the audio file for Today’s broadcast. Take a listen, come back here and discuss.


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