Thought for Today!

I journal in a wonderful app called, Day One. It can be purchased in the Apple Store. I have it on my Macbook Pro and the Android clone called Day Journal. I recommend Day One, as a daily journaling app — they have it for both iPhone, iPad and any Mac computer. I’ll write about how I journal another time… .but here’s an expert from my journal.

*What did I read/listen to today?*

I read the story in Mark 5:21 where Jairus comes to Jesus to seek healing for his daughter. While on there way a woman secretly touches Jesus’ garment and is healed. Both act out their faith in different ways. One is openly seeking Jesus, and the other is secretly seeking Jesus. As you read the woman who secretly sought Jesus eventually came forward.

Our faith is rewarded when we are open about our seeking Christ. We cannot be people who idly sit by and not act out our faith. God is calling people to seek Him, but to seek Him openly and not be ashamed.

Daniel obeyed his desire to continue praying, even though the law of the land said otherwise. It could have cost Daniel his life, but God rewarded his faithfulness with life.

When we place our trust in Christ, His life is given to us. It rejuvenates us. It strengthens us. It gives us the healing we desire.

What is it you’re seeking today? Trust God, put your faith in Christ and see the wonders He will do, if only we are willing to take that step of faith.


J. B. Sisam


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