I Have Removed Comments from my Blog!

Image courtesy Getty Images/Ezra Bailey
Image courtesy Getty Images/Ezra Bailey

It seems odd, doesn’t it? Isn’t the whole reason for a blog is to generate conversation? It is. However, comments on this blog have become more SPAM than anything else. I have to sift every day through a lot of spam. It is gotten rough; so do deal with the ever growing spam on comments, I have pulled them from the site.

Sharing and Social Media:

My encouragement to everyone who follows this blog is to follow me on both Twitter and Facebook, and let the conversation continue there. This is where I would like to move my social comments, likes and shares to.

Another growing issue I’ve had with this blog, is people’s fascination with liking/following my blog, but never come back to read. I understand, a lot of my fans do read my stuff – but I’ve found people only follow a blog to simply want me to follow back.

Moving Forward:

Okay, so I’ve made everyone feel bad that I said they don’t read my blog – I know that’s not true, I’ve had over 3,000 people either visit or read my blog in the past couple of years. That’s amazing. There are nearly 200 actively receiving each blog post to their in-box, and only 67 who have used WordPress.com’s “FOLLOW” button. I think the numbers speak for themselves. I’m asking everyone, if you enjoy this blog and what it has to offer, subscribe with your email address – that way you know you’ll never miss out on another great post.

screenshot from www.michaelhyatt.com
screenshot from http://www.michaelhyatt.com

SHARE: I encourage everyone to share on social media the posts that speak to you. It’s been a fun journey, and the journey has just begun. I’m excited for what the future has in-store for http://www.jbsisam.com. You’ll find some new changes and I’ll be making the switch to where this blog is my website. It’s time for the tribe to come to their new home.

Stay tuned for some awesome changes coming to a blog near you.

Michael Hyatt sums it up in this paragraph:

It all depends on the behavior of your readers and what makes the most sense for your community. The stats tell me what’s right for my audience. What are they telling you?

The key thing to remember is that conversations matter. But that doesn’t mean comments sections are the best place to have them.

Pulled from michaelhyatt.com