It’s New and Easier than Ever!

WOW! It’s been such a fun ride here at I’m so excited where God is taking this blog and ministry. As most of you know, my desire is to help people go deeper in their walk with Jesus; to be a better Christian in a darkened world.

getty images/teeked
getty images/teeked

It’s funny when you do something, planning something and then you see someone else pull the same idea out of  their hat. This morning, after I decided to write this blog post, I was on Michael Hyatt‘s blog and noticed he changed the look of his blog and wrote a post about it. I find that funny because I was going to do the same thing, am doing the same thing.

After several months of growth at, I decided it was time to bring everything under one roof. For the past several years I was running two websites: this blog and I began to notice something in the stats. People were using my website as a pass-through for While my blog was growing, my website traffic was dying.

It was time for a change.

You’ve probably noticed that the look of this website has changed and morphed over the past several weeks. I thank you for sticking with me through these changes, but I felt it was time to better serve those that matter, YOU! I am making the shift from a static website and blog to everything is here at The blog and website are now one. I had to realize it wasn’t about me; it’s about my audience, so it was time for a retro-fit!

Three reasons why:

  1. The core value/principles of As you’ve began noticing the changes here, you’ve probably also noticed three words at the top of the website; EQUIP, TRANSFORM and REACH. These three define what this website is all about. My goal, is to help equip today’s leaders and lay-leaders by giving them tools to transform lives and reach the nations. It has always been about helping people reach lost-souls, and this new redesign is no different.
  2. The Audience Matters: Everything I do, write or say has one purpose; my audience. I don’t have this blog to benefit me. My goal has always been you. Over the past couple of years I’ve asked what people would like to see on

    Podcast: I started a new podcast series called CrossTalkEach episode will be uploaded on Fridays.

    Devotionals: People love the devotionals. So, I will continue to write Christ-centered devotionals focusing on Christian Living.

    Leadership/Productivity how-to’s: This is something that I’ve not done a lot of here at, but because people have asked me personally, I’ve decided to begin adding these periodically into the blog. If there is a topic you’d like covered, use my contact page and send me an email.

  3. New Design: I’ve worked hard in creating a site that is easy to navegate and easy to understand. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. I’ve also added a search bar – it’s as powerful as Google. If you can’t find something in the archives, run a search, i’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Because this site is for you, if there is anything you don’t like, or would like to see, contact me and I’ll be happy to take your consideration to heart. My goal is to may this experience the best you’ve had.

I’m excited to partner with you in life as you become equipped to transform lives to reach your world! The best way I can help you is for you to subscribe via email to this blog. You will get immediate updates when this blog is updated with new articles/blogs and you will the first to know as new products and services are released. If you’ve subscribed using the follow feature – you will not get the in-the-know emails as new product comes out. So, to make sure you’re getting the most out of subscribe with your email address.


As always, writing for Him!

Jason Sisam