4 Proven Steps to Fill Your Dry Spirit!

We all go through dry seasons in our spiritual walk. These desert times can either be an awakening or a time that keeps us from pursuing God. It can be difficult for most believers to find the time to get unstuck. It’s like the mud of life keeps us from moving forward. We spin our spiritual tires and nothing happens. What can we do? How do we apply traction to an otherwise dry season of life?

Getty Images / RPM Pictures
Getty Images / RPM Pictures

I served my college internship in Australia, at a sister church of the world famous Hillsong Church. One night after the Hillsong Conference, I was dropped off late at my host home. I walked up the path to the house and I heard, “If you go in, you won’t hear what I have to say.”

I immediately understood it was God speaking. If it wasn’t the audible voice of God, it sure felt like it. Over the next several hours I lay prostrate on the driveway crying out to God. The Holy Spirit showed me things that quickened my spirit. This moment allowed me to move into a new realm of faith. I was going through a dry season at the time. I was in Australia to find who I was in Christ. This moment is what I needed to spark my faith.

There are four steps we can take. These steps help propel us from a time of dry times into a deeper communication with God. These steps I’ve used since I learned them in college. A system called S.O.A.PScripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer.

They are simple and they work.

1. Scripture Reading:

”All Scripture is given by God…” This is the bread of life. This is what we need to spiritually fill up. When we allow the Word of God to go down deep into our spirit, God speaks. He wants us to know Him better. There is only one way to do that–read His Word.

I’ve heard time and time again, people say, ”I’ve found special revelation from God! What do you think?” One, there is no such thing as special revelation from God. All the revelation we need is right in the 66 books of the Bible. There is no other source that we can learn more about God than through His everlasting Word. His word must be a daily habit.

STEP ONE: Read His Word Daily!

2. Observe and Meditate:

King David said, ”I meditate on Your word day and night.” This is where we take the time to think and mediate upon what we’ve just read. When I read His Word I take a journal with me. I want to make sure, that while I’m reading, I’m writing down what I observe.

The Lord is continually speaking, but are we constantly listening?

Growing up, I was told by a learning specialist that I comprehend better if I both read and write at the same time. Statistics show that we will comprehend 50% more when we write down what we’re learning.

This is why observation of scripture is so important. The Holy Spirit speaks in a constant fluid motion. We have to be able to stop long enough, perk our ears up and listen to what He’s saying. Ask yourself this question: What do I see in this passage of scripture? And write it down!

STEP TWO: Observe and write down what you feel the Lord is saying.

3. Apply your Observation:

While it’s good to observe what Scripture is saying and what the Holy Spirit is saying, but if we don’t apply it the whole exercise is useless. The Father-in-Law of Muhammad, Abu Bakr said this circa 600 ”Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile.”

Though I don’t agree with Islam, or their beliefs, the statement is no less true. When we allow the knowledge we amass through reading God’s Word in our hearts and minds, if we don’t act upon it, that knowledge does us no good.

We must learn to apply action and faith to what we’ve found in scripture. We must learn to understand what it is the Holy Spirit is asking of us. But, lives won’t be changed unless we first take what God has shown us through His Word and allow that Word to ring true in the hearer’s ears.

We must begin by writing down action steps. Make a plan. Follow that plan and allow the Lord to work wonders in you this week.

STEP THREE: Add action steps to your observation this week.

4. Pray Daily:

The Apostle Paul says for us to pray without ceasing. This must become a daily habit. When we don’t pray, it’s like letting the well run dry. Prayer is what keeps our spirit filled. Prayer is what allows us to connect to the very heart of Father God.

Prayer is the defining act that brings what we’ve read, observed and formed our action together It allows us to take our action steps and ask the Lord to help us walk them out each day.

When we pray we are to be asking the Lord to show us where we need to take action in our own hearts. This is why we get so dry. This is why we get so stuck, is because we fail to get on our knees and seek His face. When we pray our well is filled up with living water.

STEP FOUR: Pray daily, and ask God to bring to mind what actions we should take to see change in our hearts.