Staying the Course: 2015 Reader Survey Results

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The beginning of the month I conducted a reader survey. This is the first major survey I’ve done. The feedback I received helped me know you, my readers, better. The goal was for me to get a feeling for what you are looking for, and if I’m on the right track. The best part of the results is the value it provides benefits you by helping me craft this blog to your needs.

Getty images | Monty Racussen
Getty images | Monty Racussen

While not all those who visit my blog on a monthly basis completed the survey. But that’s okay. Because those who did allows me to craft my material just for you. If you’ve not completed, or have not taken the survey yet, you can access it here. It will only take two minutes to fill out.

Who Are You?

Because of this survey, it has allowed me to update my reader profile. This way it allows me to know you and what you want. It also helps me know who I’m writing to when I create new content.

  • My typical reader is female (67%) and male (34%) between the ages of 31-60 years (66%).
  • Their education level is a Bachelor’s Degree (66%) and are either a business owner/leader (33%) or Pastor (33%)
  • They identify with Christian denominations as either Assemblies of God or Non-Denominational (66%)
  • Content they are most interested in is Christian Living Devotionals (50%) and Leadership principles (50%).
  • The topics most interested in is Leadership Training (50%) and Small Group Growth ideas/training (50%)

What do I take away from these numbers?

1. Continual focus on your needs within my content. The two of my four main categories in most productive posts on my blog are leadership and devotionals. As a leader, these resonate with me the most and my readers agree. Therefore by me remaining and continuing to be focused in these areas you will benefit and become the best leader in your family, ministry and life that you can.

2. Develop downloadable material to help you succeed. This is something that I’ve not done on my blog. But this is something that has been asked of me, both on a personal level and through this reader survey. Church leaders and pastors are constantly looking for Leadership Training material and Small Group Training material.

What does that mean? I have written a new e-book. This ebook will be free for you to download. You’ll be able to take this to your church leaders and small group leaders, train them and launch them into the most effective small groups your church has seen. Be looking for this soon!

3. Continue my podcast. This is probably the hardest piece for me to do each week. But the numbers are speaking for themselves. The last podcast, Making the Most of Priorities has been one of my most successful blog posts to date!

Through this podcast, I can give you more training to take to your leaders and teams. Think of them as a conversation. And I believe each episode will get better and better. I’m excited for where CrossTALK will go in the future.

4. Focus on the Great Commission. This is the most important area of my life. Everything I do revolves around Jesus’ command to preach the Gospel. The mission here at is to see people draw near to God. But I can’t do it alone. That’s where you come in. My goal is to equip you with transforming tools to reach the world. My motto: Faith becomes life by helping you succeed in your family, ministry and life.

Thank you for participating in my 2015 Survey. This how you can help focus the content of this site to your needs. My goal, to see you succeed. I’ve seen readers from all over the world come here to find answers to life’s questions. I pray this blog has been a blessing in your lives and ministries. Thank you for the gift of speaking up. Those who’ve completed this survey have helped me focus my attention to your needs so that you may succeed in your family, ministry and life.

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Let the conversation continue!

What do you think of these results of this survey? Are you surprised? Did I miss anything that you are looking for in this blog? Sound of on Facebook or Twitter.






Jason Sisam