Season 1 Episode 8: Start Your Engines: 3 Strategies to Running an Effective Small Group Now

Have you ever run a small group and had no idea what you were doing? Running a small group is fun, but it takes time and work to make it successful. As leaders we think our group leaders know what they’re supposed to be doing. We think it’s hard to find the perfect person to run a group, when maybe we just need to look for a willing individual who has an index finger and can press play on a DVD player, they can run a small group.


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When it comes to running an effective Small Group there are three specific directions–upwards, inwards and outwards. Think of a three legged stool. You can’t have stability with only one of these or two for that matter, we need all three to maintain proper balance and stability within our group.

There are no right styles of Small Groups you can have. I’ve seen, Bible-based, video-based, theme-based or even Sermon-based. Each one can be different. You can have free-market groups or you can have structured groups–where the church decides what’s taught.

No matter what style of Small Group you have, there are three characteristics/structures that must be in every group. This is the secret sauce. And I want to clue you in on effective Small Group ministry and how it can benefit your church.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to focus your group UPWARDS in focusing on prayer and worship.

  • How to focus your group INWARDS by helping individuals care for each other.

  • How to focus your group OUTWARDS by helping our group members share their faith with others.


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Do you have individuals ready and willing to run a group, but are just waiting on you to give them the go ahead? What can you do to help your small group leaders implement each of these three areas into their group? Share your answer on Facebook or Twitter.

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