Season 1 Episode 13: Learning to Lead from Behind – Lead by Washing Other’s Feet [Podcast]

In the season one finale of CrossTALK we discuss what it means to lead from behind Most people believe that we lead from the front lines – and we do – but one thing people don’t often realize, the best leaders are the ones who lead from behind. They push others forward and want to see other’s succeed.


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Jesus wanted the disciples to be consistent in their following. In John 13 we see examples of leading from behind through Jesus’ actions by washing the disciples feet.

Michael Hyatt in this week’s podcast mentioned this… – “An entire industry has sprung up around the topic of leadership. It includes books, magazines, blogs, conferences, and even graduate degrees from major universities. Apparently the market is vast. Why? Because nearly everyone sees himself or herself as a leader. But where are the followers? I contend that if you want to be a great leader, you must first become a great follower.”

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In Today’s Episode you’ll Learn:

  • If we don’t learn to follow, we will lose respect.

  • If people don’t follow us, we’re taking a walk alone. This is why it’s so important for us to learn to follow others and lead from behind.

  • Jesus’ whole ministry was in service to others. If we think the buck stops with us, it doesn’t. If we’re to truly lead by example, then what better way than for us to be servants first.

  • The best leaders know it’s not about them

  • Be observant in what’s happening around you

  • Learn to be humble

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