To Comment or Not to Comment: Why I May Bring Back Comments.

Everyone likes to connect. Everyone likes communication. But for a blogger, connection and communication are essential to building a platform. This is where I need you.

Image courtesy Getty Images/Ezra Bailey
Image courtesy Getty Images/Ezra Bailey

A couple months ago I wrote a post that I was terminating all comments on my blog. The reasoning at the time seemed the right thing to do. Now, a few months later, I’m not sure if that decision was the best for my platform and for you the reader. Each post I make, I ask questions, seeking to generate conversation, but how can that conversation be maintained only on Facebook and Twitter when most comments I’ve received ever have always been here on the website. I’ve been recently been watching blogs of those I follow and all but one have comments open. They are the most effective way for people to ask questions and comment. So, I need your help. Take a simple pole below and we’ll see what people want on this blog. If the majority vote yes for comments, they will be restored. Also, as a test, use the comments section below to vote your answer and give your opinion.

What do you think? Do you use comments on other blogs you follow/read? Share your thoughts below, on Facebook or Twitter!


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