002 – 3 Ways to Actively Seek God’s Face: Learning to be People of Righteousness

In the second episode of A Devoted Life, we look at what it means to be people who are active in our faith. What does that mean and what does that look like?


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Most of the time in our lives, we think that the world and everyone in the world revolve around us. The early Astronomers thought the very same thing about the world itself. They thought that the globe was the center of the universe until Galileo said differently. Our lives are no different than those first scientists. We believe that everything is about us and our lives. The thing that we fail to realize is that God has placed His own goals and plans above our own. If we humble our selves in the sight of Father God, He will bless us.

In this episode you’ll learn:

1. How do we seek God’s face? Hosea 10:12.

2. How do we keep our thoughts focused on things above?

3. How to utilize the Word of God in our daily life.

4. How we should be willing to invest into our daily lives with what we read.

Let’s talk about it:

Where is your faith at? How do you seek his face in your daily life? Share your thoughts below, on Facebook or Twitter.

Something new:

Have questions, thoughts or suggestions for this show? Give me a call, leave me a voicemail and I’ll do my best to discuss your thoughts or questions.

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