015 – How to be the Encourager: 4 Tips to Helping Depressed People set Life Goals!

In this week’s episode I look at the issue of depression and how it inhibits people from living life to the full. But how do we help them when they come to us, looking for encouragement, and how do we remain encouraged?


In our society we find that a lot of people live unhappy lives. These people are depressed, insecure and don’t set solid goals. This episode dives into the topic of helping them set action plans and how to counsel them when they come running through our office doors.

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In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Learning to handle situations when someone comes to us with secret sins.

  • Learning to deal with unhappy people.

  • How to encourage someone who needs it.

  • How to help individuals set action plans to succeed in life.

  • How do we identify negative voices and replace them with the Word of God.

Resources in this episode.

Who I Am in Christ by Dr. Neil Anderson

Let’s talk about it:

How do you encourage somebody who needs encouragement when life is difficult? Share your thoughts below or on Facebook or Twitter.

Something new:

Have questions, thoughts or suggestions for this show? Give me a call, leave me a voicemail and I’ll do my best to discuss your thoughts or questions.

(952) 479-0406



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