017 – CrossTALK – 4 Evernote Hacks Every Pastor Needs. [Podcast]

We all need to find the perfect solution for all our paper and writing needs. Well, look no further than one of the best programs I’ve found, Evernote. This program has helped me go nearly paperless at home and at the office. In today’s episode we’ll look at four of the best hacks everyone needs to use to be successful in using Evernote.


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In today’s episode you’ll learn:

1. How to be great at organizing your files.

2. How Evernote is great for collections of web articles and writings.

3. Great for Collaberating with your team

4. Perfect for writing anything outside of Microsoft Word.

Resources in today’s episode:


Let’s talk about it:

What note taking software do you use? Do you have a hack I missed for Evernote? Share below, on Facebook or Twitter!

What topics do you want covered in this program. Let me know on our contact page.

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