4 Steps to Resetting your Vision!

What happens when you feel stuck? What do you do when you feel you can’t go any further. You feel trapped by mistakes you’ve made. Or because of success in your past, you feel you can’t replicate that success.

Being Stuck

What do you do to create a better year? How do you move from where you are now, to a place where you feel comfortable taking your business to the next level?

Being stuck is difficult. You feel trapped and sometimes it feels as if the life is being sucked right out of you.

I remember after I published my book, I was so excited. But, when that excitement wore off, it became something of the past. A success as it was, the excitement fizzled. So, I had to take the chance and do something drastic to go from being stuck to being a success again.

Here are 4 steps to take to get unstuck so you can be set for a successful year.

1. Reflect: Most of the time when we feel most stuck is because we are tied to the past. It doesn’t matter if the past was a success or a failure, being stuck is draining both physically and mentally. So who do we begin the process of taking our church and businesses to the next level? We have to reflect.

Reflection of either success or failure will allow us to determine what works and what doesn’t. I encourage you to write down a list of both successes and failures of your past year, then choose the two most significant ones from each list. Take those two and write down why the success worked and the failure didn’t.

2. Refocus: This list helps us determine our next course of action. When I took at look at my book. I realized that getting the word out of my book was what made it a success. And my failure of keeping it in the forefront of people’s minds meant it became an after thought, and sales fell. I took my list and decided to run a sales event. I gave my book away for free.

This refocusing helped my book succeed once again. When we begin to refocus, our mind becomes alert and we will be able to draft new vision for the coming year. But, we have to first take time to recharge, reflect and then we can refocus.

Ron Edmondson in his blog said this; “You may need a fresh dream or you may need some new dreams, but at some point you will have to lift up your head from the natural self pity that accompanies disappointment and refocus on your future and the plans God has for your life.”

3. Reset: The amazing thing about having a new focus, we can allow God to give us a new vision for the next year. He desires to see us succeed in life. But sometimes we become our own worst enemy when we allow the past to run our lives. Taking the time to reset our vision allows us time to set value for the future. When I decided to give my book away for free, I found a new found success. I knew I had to place the value of the book before customers in order to achieve success. The book went from being 1,000,000 in the Kindle store in all categories, to 3,000 in the best-seller list in 5 business days.

It’s okay to begin again. There’s no shame in redoing the foundation and allowing something new to develop. You never know what God will do, when we allow ourselves to take a step of faith and begin again.

4. Relaunch. God allows us to go through dry seasons in life. These times are not bad. In-fact they allow us to relaunch into a new area of success. We have to remember the success and failure of the past, make a list of why for each, write a new vision to reset the clock and then plan a relaunch. Vision does us no good if we sit on it. Vision needs action. Vision needs to breathe life into our purpose.

God gives us permission to relaunch. It doesn’t matter the direction you head, as long as it continues to agree with the mission God has given you. Vision is what you see and mission is where you want to go. Sometimes when we relaunch with a new vision, it gives us new insight in our mission and how to get there.

Today, my book is still doing well. Though, I’m back at 1,000,000 in the general store of Kindle, I am still at 19,000 in the Christian Literature section. I consider that a success when I was at 1,000,000 in all areas of genre.

Take time to relish in the successes of the past and learn from the mistakes. When we take the time to reflect on the past, refocus our thoughts for the future, because of the past, reset your vision then relaunch to something new.

Do you need a reset in your life? What steps have you taken in the past to recharge and relaunch? Share your thoughts below or on Facebook or Twitter.


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