022 – 4 Things You Must Do to Create a Healthy Marriage

Today I want to talk about building healthy marriages. A lot of people go into marriage thinking everything will be peaches and roses. But I want to help you take off the rose colored glasses and walk you what it takes to building a healthy marriage that will propel your leadership to the next level. And as always, another leadership look in John Maxwell’s Devotional. All of this and more in this today’s episode.


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How do we create healthy marriages? It’s something we all think about, but few rarely take the time to truly invest. What we put into our marriages is what we will ultimately pull out. How we treat our spouse will ultimately come back to how they treat us in return.

I’ve been married for 3 years, and I don’t pretend that I know everything marriage has to offer, but I do know what it takes to have a great marriage. But with divorce at an all time high in the United States, we must be vigilant to fight for our marriages.

Not everyone plans for divorce, in-fact, it’s a word that has been excommunicated from my vocabulary, but so many marriages suffer from this ultimate demise.

Michael Hyatt said this about marriage: “…our marriage has everything to do with your effectiveness as a leader. Whether you realize it or not, as people observe your marriage and make several inferences about you and your leadership:
They learn about your priorities and what matters most.
They learn how you treat the people who are closest to you.
They learn whether it’s all about you or you are a team player.

If your marriage is going to survive—and thrive—you will need to be intentional about it.”

In Today’s Episode:

1. Spend Time Together:
– Turn off the distractions
– Go Deep in conversation

2. Invest in Your Marriage:
– Get away Together
– Go to Marriage Conferences
– Read Marriage books
– Get marriage Counseling – if needed.

3. Set Boundries:

  • Never spend time with someone of the opposite sex alone
  • Don’t go out to eat with someone of the opposite sex
  • Don’t be flirtatious with someone of the opposite sex.

4. Lift up your Spouse.
– Speak well of her in public
– Honor her ideas and thoughts
– Stop demanding your way or the highway
– Affirm her qualities in public
– Speaking well of your spouse in public wards off Adultery.
– You attitude will shift to a better perspective and you will fall in love deeper for her.


Love and Respect

For Men Only

For Women Only

Let’s Talk About It?

What habits do you see other’s have in their marriages? Is there something they do you can be doing in your marriage? Share your thoughts below, on Facebook or Twitter.

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