023 – How to Find and Achieve Success

Do you find yourself wanting to give up? Do you simply want to hang up the hat get a job at Walmart and hand out 🙂 stickers. sometimes it’s easier to give up then to press through and see success. in today’s episode we’re going to be talking about what it takes to leave behind self-doubt and press through in the victory.

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We overwork and under preform. It’s easy to find time to procrastinate when you’re tired and worn out. But what do we do to overcome obstacles and press through to success? God desires good things for us, however, we have to be willing to structure our days, get enough sleep and seek His face to remain refreshed.

In Today’s Episode:

1. You’re stressed and overworked.
We find when we try to do too many things in the day without really taking the time structure our day properly. It’s best to focus early in the morning on the most important tasks that need accomplishment. Do the medium and small tasks at the end of the day when you’re less focused.

2. You’re not getting enough sleep.
Lack of sleep is one of the greatest enemies to being successful. Not only are we stressed because of everything that’s on our plate, but we find when we get less than 7 hours of sleep per night we don’t have the energy or the focus to push through each day. Our goal should be to go to bed earlier wake up earlier. This way we can be rejuvenated and alert.

3. We don’t take time to seek God’s face.
In the busyness of our life, we can to go to work, do our job, meet with people, put sermons together, spend time with the family, and go to bed. We begin the next day doing the same thing. When we arrive to our Saturday we want to rest or we have to do housework, then finish the sermon or PowerPoint and get up Sunday morning and preach. God desires are attention,and when we don’t give him that attention our spirit becomes thirsty. This is why it’s so important to take time and seek His face. It’s time to make it a priority.

4. You’re simply doing too much.
As leaders we like to pile more stuff on our plate, so that others don’t feel the stress that we do. But we don’t have to endure stress because we’re the leader. It’s okay to allow others to help us. Stress is only caused because we are so focused on the future we forget about the tasks we have to accomplish right now. And if we can give some of these future tasks to somebody else to accomplish we not only lighten our load but we also help others succeed in ministry.

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