029 – 5 Sure-fire ways to Generate Returning Guests [Podcast]

Earlier this year I wrote a blog post about church marketing vs how Starbucks advertises. In today’s podcast episode, I ask the question; What are we doing wrong the keep people from coming back through our doors? We’re going to talk about marketing your church to see returning guests. I’ll also give you another tip of the week that will give your Facebook page a boost, and we’ll dive back into John Maxwell’s devotional on leadership.


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As pastors and leaders we have to ask the question, why am I doing what I’m doing? What is the point? If we don’t learn to identify the answer to that question, we’re going to find ourselves somewhere else. God has placed us in this time, neighborhood and church for a reason. We don’t understand why and we don’t need to. But when we encounter people who need Jesus, we can be that guiding light they so desperately need; we just have to listen.

What is God telling you today? And how does this help us with guests?

People come to our church because they are hurting, and they hope we have the answers. But why do they not return? In today’s episode I discuss five sure-fire ways to keep them coming through the doors again. And let me tell you, they work and they will work for you.

In Today’s Episode:

1. Teaching how to invite friends.

2. Utilizing social media to it’s fullest potential.

3. Don’t single out new guests, they don’t like it.

4. Send them a Thank You Note!

5. Invite them back and encourage to invite a friend. Bring it full circle.

Weekly Resources:

– Facebook Check-in solution Causely.com/reach

John Maxwell’s Devotional

Free ebook

Let’s talk about it:

What are you doing to bring in new guests and how do you keep them coming back? Share below, on Facebook or Twitter.

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