How Forgiveness Can Set you Free

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Do you remember the trill of sitting, watching a magician preform grand illusions? The electricity in the air could be cut with a knife as he asks you to help him on stage. The magician pulls our three large rings made of metal. He asks you to hold onto one of them. “The laws of physics say you cannot pass one solid through another.” He says, “But tonight I am going to bend the laws of physics.” Levers Levers

He grabs a ring from his hand and taps your ring, “It’s solid.” He proclaims. He taps it again and with a metallic clink the ring he’s holding magically passes through the solid metal ring you’re holding. You are now linked with the magician and to prove it he asks you to pull  your ring to make sure they truly are linked together.

Everyday, we are connected to people around us, whether we realize it or not. Each life we touch on a daily basis has a tendency to link with ours. It’s not a mystical thing but it is a spiritual connection. It’s easy to think forgiving others is something we should do simply based on the fact that it’s a good idea. Someone passes us on the road the rudely cuts us off, we have a choice to make, either get upset and yell at them becoming frustrated for a chunk of the day, or we can let them continue in their error and let them go by asking God to bless them.

Offense leads to bitterness:

Jesus warns us of offenses. It’s easy to become offended at others, especially if we work or live with them week in and week out. The guy on the road will be forgotten about in a few hours, but if we’re hurt by someone we trust, unforgiveness can take root and grow into bitterness, or worse resentment. The moment we take offense we link our souls with theirs.

The danger of not releasing the person immediately results in your thoughts will go around and around on how this person wronged you and what they did over and over. The emotional link between you and the other person is so strong and inflicts so much suffering in you that others will begin to notice. You may even invite people into your suffering to sympathize and relate.

Learn to truly forgive:

When we forgive, truly forgive those who’ve wronged us we set them and ourselves free. The soul tie is gone. Forgiving those who’ve angered us allows our minds and hearts to be free from the emotions and suffering that have plagued us in agony. Jesus said in Matthew 18:22; “I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven.” In other words, don’t stop forgiving. We should be people who forgive just as Christ has forgiven us.

Forgiveness gives us the power to reclaim our minds from a downward spiral, we just have to learn to give the person over to Christ as Christ gave us over to the Father so that we may be set free from our bondage of sin and death.

Grace: What’s So Amazing About It?

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 Grace-3d book

Inside this book you’ll learn:

  • Understand what God’s grace is.
  • Why we need God’s grace.
  • Learning to forgive others and extend grace to them as God has already extended his grace toward us.
  • Walk you through a journey of deepening God’s in our daily lives.
  • Help you study God’s word.
  • Learn to journal your thoughts.

I’m excited about this product. I believe it will help you draw near to the heart of God. If you would know when GRACE: What’s So Amazing About It? is available I encourage you to give us your name and email address and you’ll be the first to find out when it’s available for purchase.

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How has someone wronged you, and what have you done to seek forgiveness? Share below, on Twitter or Facebook.


2 thoughts on “How Forgiveness Can Set you Free

  1. Awesome. I work with recovering heroin addicts, and unforgiveness is always at the root of addiction, among other things.


  2. I couldn’t agree more. So often people don’t realize life could be so much better if they simply learn to live a life of forgiveness. Thanks you for the comment. God bless.


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