Testing out a new app

Testing! This is what I love to do. If we don’t activly test new software, we won’t know what works well for us and what doesn’t.

I recently purchased a new piece of software for my Mac. It’s a little text-edit program called, Desk PM. This is a simple, no frills program where I can focus my energy on writing, not styling my blog posts.


I will be posting a full review soon, but here are my 4 quick takeaways from using this app so far.

1. It allows me to focus my energy on writing. One of the greatest distractions to a writer is having to edit and style their work on their blog. With Desk PM, I’m given the freedom to express my words without the distractions of style, bold, italics etc.

2. It allows me to use MultiMarkdown. I love writing in Markdown, it’s simple and easy to use. If you’re not writing in Markdown, I encourage you to give it a try. Basicially markdown allows you to focus truly on what you’re writing.

3. I can publish right to my blog from this program. One of the greatest benefits is being able to schedule a post right from a text edit software. I can add my categories, tags and schedule them, all without having to leave the comfort of Desk PM.

With *Desk PM*, I’m given the freedom to express my words without distractions. – Jason Sisam

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4. Allows me to focus on what matters most. As a new father, my attention and time is even more valuable. This is why I need an app that will allow me more margine to get things done so that I can be with those who matter most in my life.

Do you see why I love this app? I’ll be focusing a full review soon on this app. If you have not tried this awesome new Mac software, I encourage you to give it a shot.

Question: How would an app like this help you become more productive? Share your thoughts below on Facebook or Twitter.


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