5 Reasons for Setting Yearly Goals

As each year draws to a close we begin thinking about our New Years Resolution. The problem most have, they don’t accomplish their goals by year’s end. There are so many ways we can track our goals. And seeing true accomplishment is easier than you think.


When we begin taking the time to follow through our goals, we can actually achieve them. But if we don’t, the likelihood of seeing them come to fruition lessens.

For years I was bad at setting yearly goals. It doesn’t come easy for me. But if I don’t take the time to make an effort to write my goals, they won’t happen.

What are your goals?

  • Make more money? How about another $10,000 in 2016?
  • Marry the person of your dreams?
  • Write that book?
  • Lose 20 lbs?

You will find most don’t take the time to write down their goals and vision for the coming year. Instead they wander through life without mission.

I want to give you 5 reasons why you should write your goals each year.

1. Writing your goals keeps you moving forward. Life is difficult. The issue most of us find, we don’t see progress. When you write your goals down you are creating clarity for the future. You are choosing a destination you wish to arrive. Written goals force us to realize these mile markers and aim for them. When you do, you’ll hit them every time.

2. Writing your goals requires action. Goals are more than dreams. They are what keep our mind sharp. Knowing that we’ll let ourselves down if we don’t accomplish our goals should be that defining factor to keep us motivated. We must hold ourselves accountable and follow through.

3. Put all your goals in one place. The art of writing is not dead. In-fact, it’s the only way you’ll see your goals. This is why it’s so vitally important to write them down. I personally use Evernote to write down my goals.

By typing them into Evernote, or something similar, you’re telling your brain that this is important. The more strategic and specific the goal, the more likely you’ll accomplish that written goal.

Here are a few of mine I’ve accomplished for 2015:

When we take the time to write our goals, we’ll find it easier to see success and begin marking them complete.

4. Write details for each goal. It’s one thing to write down the bullet point, it’s another to write down the gritty details. So how do you flesh out your goals?

  • What are your motivations for this goal?
  • What are your action steps needed to accomplish that goal – time-table? (Don’t set all your goals for December 31. Be realistic and accomplish some before the end of the first quarter.)

These are the questions you fill in for each goal.

5. Follow your Progress. As you progress through the year, write it down. Seeing how your progressing will motivate you to keep moving forward. As I mentioned before, life is difficult, but it’s those little mile markers that show us progress. They provide an opportunity to celebrate the little victories. But don’t forget to write down those victories.

Goal setting doesn’t have to be hard. Take the time and ask yourself, ‘what is it I really want to accomplish in 2016.’ When you have your list, write them down, apply action steps and follow through. When you do that, you’ll find you’ll never have to set another New Year’s Resolution again. Why? Because you have a proven path for success–Goal-setting.

What keeps you from accomplishing your goals? Share your thoughts below, on Facebook or Twitter.


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