It’s Here! Pre-Order GRACE Today!

My friends, I’m so excited to be sharing with you my new book, Grace: What’s So Amazing About It?I believe this book will help you take your walk with the Lord to the next level.

Grace-3d book

When I set out to write Grace, I knew that my life would forever be changed. That’s exactly what happened. I learned so much about the amazing grace of God. I am in awe of the beauty of it. It truly is like a well faceted diamond.

Here are the FIVE facets of God’s Grace covered in this book?

1. His grace saves us. Because of the sacrifice Jesus made upon the cross we have complete access to God the Father. This grace of salvation was bestowed upon us when we didn’t deserve it. Grace is the unmerited favor of God. But God’s grace is also the very thing that allows us to come before his throne because of that salvation Christ gives us.

2. His grace gives us strength each day. God is constantly asking us where our hearts are at? How do we begin our week with such vigor and excitement, then lose that same focus by Friday? It’s because we have our priorities out of whack. Set your sights on Christ. Take the time to know him and when you keep your mind fixed on him, you’ll find there’s nothing to lose but everything to gain.

3. His grace gives us the power to overcome trials. What’s truly amazing about his grace is it’s so freely poured out. Are you discouraged, frustrated and worn out? Do you need a break from what’s happening? God’s grace allows us to pull through whatever trial we’re facing. His grace is in full supply. He won’t run out. He has everything you need to make it through, no matter how bad things get. Open your arms, receive his grace and it will surpass all understanding.

4. We can praise with his grace. Praise and worship is more than lip service. It’s a lifestyle. Our praise should never be contingent on how we feel. This is why, when our hearts are established in grace, we can come to the cross of Christ and offer up a sacrifice of praise. We have to die and give up in order to see praise manifest in our lives. Grace gives us the power to do just that.

5. Grace gives us the ability to forgive. This is the most difficult of the facets of God’s grace. Why? We don’t like to forgive. It doesn’t come naturally for us. However, because we were bought with a price, we can see what forgiveness truly looks like. Who do you need to forgive this holiday season? How can you make amends and bring them back into your fold? Take the time, do what Christ did and forgive.

How this book works:

  • It’s divided up into 5- weeks. Each week contains 6 days.
  • Each day is divided up into segments.
    • Observation/Devotional
    • Scripture – take time to look up each scripture and read each day.
    • Prayer. I believe prayer is so vitally important. Read and pray each prayer. Make it your own. But it’s a great starting point.
    • Application. – this is where your journal comes in handy. Take some time, meditate on the devotional and scripture. Write down anything that you believe you can apply that day and week.

IMG_9665aWhere can I purchase?

You can now preorder this book on Amazon. And while you’re at it, tell a friend, or simply buy them a copy of this amazing Kindle book.

So, what are you waiting for? Preorder your copy today!



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