Why Do We Need God’s Grace?

Grace. What’s so amazing about it? It’s a question that many have asked, but few understand. What is it about grace that draws our attention, but then when we come face to face with it we want nothing to do with it? This is why I wrote my new book called, GRACE.

Grace-3d book

When I began the adventure of writing this book, I didn’t realize how awesome God’s grace truly is. Think about a diamond. When you stare at it, you see all the colors, brilliance and fire. When I looked at God’s grace from afar, I saw the wonder of it. And for the first time, I understood why we need his amazing grace.

I want to give you three reasons why we need God’s grace in our daily lives.

1. His grace gives us peace. When I think about everything I’ve gone through in recent years, I know I pulled through because of the grace of God. I didn’t feel as if things were okay. I didn’t feel the need to praise God. I simply wanted to give up and give in.

But, because of his peace–even though I didn’t fully understand–I knew everything was in his hands. When we finally come to that realization, no matter what happens in life, we have peace. Jesus said, “My peace I leave with you.” Without his grace, we would have no peace.

2. His grace guards our hearts. It’s easy to become frustrated with life. We get tired. We get angry. Then when we least expect it, we speak before thinking.

When we take the time to place our thoughts on Christ, his daily grace is poured out on us. This grace gives peace and comfort to our spirit. This grace guards our hearts, as long as our minds are stayed on Christ Jesus. Don’t allow life to color and tint your eyes, but keep your mind on him, and he’ll take care of the rest.

3. His grace allows us to walk in forgiveness. For most believers this is the most difficult aspect of God’s grace. It’s easy to be non-forgiving towards someone. It’s easy to hold onto those grudges. The problem, those grudges turn into resentment and bitterness.

This is why, when Peter asked Jesus about forgiveness, we are to be continually forgiving. It doesn’t matter how many time they fail, we forgive. It doesn’t matter how many times we fail, we forgive ourselves. I’ve mentioned before, forgiveness doesn’t come naturally. Jesus already paid the price. Shouldn’t we at least offer forgiveness to those who’ve wronged us?

***Question: What area of your life do you need God’s grace the most? Share below, on Twitter or Facebook.

Learn more about Grace HERE!


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