036: The Power of Change: 5 Reasons Goals Keep you Focused

I am fascinated by the power of change. It is often misunderstood. People often bulk against it. Most often suggest you must make large changes to see success. But if we make large changes in our lives and businesses we often will give up before we begin.


As we march towards the start of 2016, we need to begin thinking about change. In today’s episode, I want to walk you through 5 reasons we should allow change in our lives.

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In Today’s Episode:

  1. Without change we will never move forward.
  2. Change gives us power to stop living in the past.
  3. Change allows us to see vision come to pass.
  4. Change influences the present.
  5. Change allows us to stay on mission.



We can do anything we wish, we just have to make the effort to change. We must be intentional about our goals. We must learn to write them down, make changes to our lives, and see small successes in our daily lives. These victories will keep us moving forward.

Question: What are you doing to see change in your life? Share your thoughts below, on Facebook or Twitter


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