There is a war happening between Facebook users. Should one have a Fan page or a Group page for their business? It seems a silly question, however the debate is ever real.


I have been a part of several group pages and have liked even more fan pages. The groups I’m a part of and the connections I’ve made have made the experience of social media all the more fun. But personally I prefer using fan pages for business.

So what does one do for their church or business? Which would be the most effective?

Here are my pros and cons for each.

Fan Page:

On the surface, fan pages make the most sense. The reasoning, anyone can join. You click Like and you’re in. There really is nothing more to it.

I have liked over 100 plus pages over the years. Some I’m still a part of, others, I’ve left. Here are my pros and cons for fan pages.


  • Easy to join.
  • Unlimited people can join.
  • Anyone can join.
  • You control the content that goes out to your followers.
  • You can link your physical address for check-ins.
  • You can have your own custom URL.
  • It’s easy to link to your Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  • Fans can send you a private message.
  • You can link to your online store or contact page.
  • It’s easy to set-up ads to promote your page or content.


  • It’s not easy to see who’s liked your page.
  • It’s not easy to block or ban someone on your page.
  • Your posts can get lost in the news feed.
  • Anyone can join.
  • You can post your own content, however it’s in a sidebar, not on the main page.

Group Page:

There are some really great Facebook groups out there. And one thing I really enjoy about groups is you can get into some really deep conversations with people.

The number of groups I am a part of, is relatively small. And one thing I get frustrated with is the consistent notifications. Here are my pros and cons for group pages.


  • They are more intimate.
  • You are free to post your own content.
  • Anyone can join, unless it’s a closed group.
  • You can add your friends to your group.
  • You get instant notifications when something has been posted.


  • Groups can be closed from the general public.
  • Anyone can post their own content – you don’t control the content posted, unless you delete a post.
  • Anyone can add you to their group.
  • You get instant notifications when something has been posted.
  • You are limited to 5,000 people.

I’ve seen the good and the bad. Personally, I use the Facebook Fan page instead of the group. Though I’ve run both, I find I enjoy having the control over content posted on the fan pages I control.

For businesses and churches, I recommend using fan pages. If you want to have engagement regarding the content you produce, fan pages give you the power to invite people into your conversation.

The problem with group pages, you have to be on top of the game. If someone posts something doesn’t line up with your values, you have to be vigilant and delete. However, the damage is already done as Facebook sends notifications to each group member.

But no matter which direction you go, remember it’s about your fans. What are you doing to serve them and make them feel a part of your family? Remember, they are your friends, and if you treat them as such, they’ll support you no matter what kind of Facebook page you have.

Question: What do you think? Do you have a preference between group or fan pages? Share below, on Facebook or Twitter.


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