039- How to Get Blessed by Setting Goals.

Goals. It’s what drives people in the new year. We make resolutions and by the time February rolls around, we’ve neglected those resolutions. But how do we stay motivated?

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In today’s episode, we’re going to do things a little different. I want to walk you through the spiritual blessings God has given us, while focusing on our goals for 2016 and how we accomplish those goals. I also have some exciting news to share with you regarding this podcast and how things are going to change.

In today’s episode:


  • That’s right you heard me correct. The podcast title is part of a new segment we’re calling CrossTALK.
  • Why setting goals are important.
  • Looking for God’s blessings each day.
  • Why goals help you call upon God’s blessings.
  • Learning to discover how we can use God’s blessings in other peoples’ lives.

Tip of the Week: Desk-PM

  • This is my #1 go-to app for blog writing.
  • Why I prefer this over Scriviner.
  • You can post to your website right from the app.
  • You can write in Multi-markdown.
  • It’s a no-frills app that costs ONLY $19.99.

FEATURE PRESENTATION: Something New, Something Used, Something AWESOME!

  • A change is coming for CrossTALK Podcast. Starting with episode 50, we will be known as The J. B. Sisam Show!
  • Do I have to re-subscribe in iTunes? Answer: No!
  • This will be in conjunction with a new website!
  • My deisre is to help leaders and writers find clarity and tools to find their voice and succeed in life.
  • I would love to have an ebook publishing course by the end of the year. How many would be interested in taking a course like this?

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