040: Why Publishing is Easier and Cheaper than Ever Before

Everyone has a story to tell. Most desire to publish a book but the reality only 1% will ever publish their story. I want to demystify the world of publishing and the hurdles most have to endure to get their book into print.


In today’s episode I want to peel back the curtain and let you take a look inside my own publishing experience. I want to give you hope, that getting your book out into the world is easier, cheaper and better than ever before. Today, we’re talking about self-publishing. I also need to let you in on a secret, God desires great things for his children and I’ll tell you how you can gain God’s favor in your life.

In today’s episode:


  • Psalm 84
  • God desires good things for his children.
  • Why we should live in God’s Tabernacle.
  • God does not withhold good things from his children.

Tip of the Week:

  • Read 30 Minutes a day, and you’ll end up reading 24 books in a year.
  • Reading is important to keeping our mind sharp.
  • Reading has been determined to lessen the chances by 47% of getting Alzheimers.

Feature Presentation:
* Why you should publish today!
* Publishing instantly makes you an expert.
* Publishing gives you credibility.
* Publishing is easier and cheaper than ever before.
* Don’t settle for mediocrity.

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