It’s Here! Pre-Order GRACE Today!

My friends, I’m so excited to be sharing with you my new book, Grace: What’s So Amazing About It?I believe this book will help you take your walk with the Lord to the next level.

Grace-3d book

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033: 3 Right Turns to Life-Changing Priorities

We are consistently reminded that one thing begins and another ends. And as we approach the holiday season where are our priorities and how do we structure them in the right order. We are time conscious. We are always looking at our watches. We are always thinking… “is the pastor done yet?”

Learn How to Treasure God’s Grace in Hardships

Hardship arises so often that it seems like the never-ending revolving door. You come through the door, into hard times and back out again. Round and round we go, where it stops nobody knows. / madamepsychosis / madamepsychosis

I remember going through my financial struggle back from 2009-2012. They were tough years. I lost my house, spent most of my savings on getting out of debt. It was rough, and the only thing that got me through was the grace of God. Continue reading

3 Reasons Praise is More than Sacrifice: Learn to Praise by Dying

We all understand and realize life has its ups and its downs. Life will throw our daily routine into the spin cycle. Everything is crazy, it’s hard and it is sometimes difficult to find some sort of normalcy in our daily life. We know that He says, “…and my grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Cor. 12:9). This is the reasoning we can offer up a sacrifice of praise.

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Our praise should never be contingent on how we feel. The writer of Hebrews calls us priests of God. As priests it is our duty to help others through acts of service by sharing the grace God has poured out in our lives. Continue reading

How Forgiveness Can Set you Free

Looking for CrossTALK Podcast? The show will return next week. You can catch up here.

Do you remember the trill of sitting, watching a magician preform grand illusions? The electricity in the air could be cut with a knife as he asks you to help him on stage. The magician pulls our three large rings made of metal. He asks you to hold onto one of them. “The laws of physics say you cannot pass one solid through another.” He says, “But tonight I am going to bend the laws of physics.” Levers Levers

He grabs a ring from his hand and taps your ring, “It’s solid.” He proclaims. He taps it again and with a metallic clink the ring he’s holding magically passes through the solid metal ring you’re holding. You are now linked with the magician and to prove it he asks you to pull  your ring to make sure they truly are linked together. Continue reading

Downspiral of Negativity: 4 Ways Pessimism Kills Productivity

One of the most favorite books is Your Best Life Now by Joel Osteen. His whole concept in the book deals with losing a negative mindset and replacing it with positivity. But one thing is certain, we are killing our productivity with negative thinking.

Image courtesy flickr / ryan melaugh
Image courtesy flickr / ryan melaugh

As a pastor, I deal with negative people. Now, I’m not saying I deal with negative people daily. However, there’s an individual who has come into my office with nothing good to say.  Continue reading

025 – How to be Free from the Destructive Power of Pornography

Today’s topic is a difficult one. It’s one that has plagued families, churches, ministries and has caused the downfall of so many leaders. What is the allure of pornography and why do so many men and women fall into this trap? Today, we’ll be looking at this topic with caution and with a warning. But I don’t want to leave you there, I want to give you hope that you can be redeemed and find hope again.

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How to be a Good Christian!

My dad was grew up as a farmer, and many of the things he learned in his years as a farmer he’s passed onto me. It’s fun to look at the fields, the farm implements and tractors. Anytime you plant a seed it takes hard work and dedication to keep the roots alive and happy. If one expects their plants to live, they need to make sure the soil is ready to receive that seed – and that takes time, energy and food to create fertile soil.

flickr / Bindaas Madhavi
flickr / Bindaas Madhavi

Our lives are not so different. God has called us to live life in preparation for those who do not yet know Christ. Living the Christian life has never been said to be easy. We are to live above the norm. We are to hate the things of this world. In other words, do not cherish or like thing things this world has to offer. Continue reading

3 Years and No Looking Back: 3 Tips to Creating a Healthy Marriage

I’ve been married, as of yesterday, three years. And, these have been the best years of my life. Our marriage couldn’t be stronger and healthier. I’ve talked with men who’ve wanted the secret to a successful marriage or men wiser and older than I, who’ve offered advice for my taking.

Our Wedding Day 6-09-12
Our Wedding Day 6-09-12

Waiting down at the bottom of the aisle was exhilarating. I still remember the entire audience staring at me as I waited for my bride. Canon in D began. The doors flooded open. My heart pounded. Then, a glimmer of white caught my eye. There she was, beautiful, pure and walking towards me.
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001 – A Devoted Life – How Do I Trust God Within the Storm [Podcast]

Life take some interesting turns. We don’t know where God is taking us until we get there. This is the beginning of a new bi-weekly podcast called A Devoted Life. This is meant to encourage you as I report on what God is doing in my life and how my testimony can help you draw near the heart of God.


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