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Copyright information:

All articles, devotionals or blogs on this site are the sole property of J. B. Sisam.

All comments/posts by guests shall retain the copyright to the posts they write. The permission guidelines below will not apply to their work. If you would like to re-post or publish their content, you must contact them directly. I cannot serve as a  contact point for the guests on this website.

Without My Permission you may:

  • Link to my website or any specific post or blog on my website.
  • You may repost/reblog from my blogs/articles up to 100 words, provided you create a link or provide a link back to this website and so long as you give credit to this website and to the author.
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  • You may print my posts in any non-commercial publication (Example: newsletters (Church or Company),  so long as you give credit to this website and to the author and provided you include this copyright notice “© 2014, J. B. Sisam | All rights reserved. Published at”

Without my permission you may NOT:

You must have my express written consent to do any of the following:
  • Use any content on this website for commercial purposes, including selling or licensing printed or digital versions of my content.
  • Alter, change, add, or re-work any content on this website.

No portion of book excerpts may be used without the prior permission of the Author, J.  B. Sisam. You may contact at

Reposting rights:

You may not re-post one or any of my blogs/articles in its entirety anywhere else on the world-wide web (facebook, myspace, blogs etc.) This is because Google will penalize for having duplicate content. often cannot tell which website hosts the original content, because of this ruling I run the risk of getting penalized for granting permission.

3rd Party Links:

J. B. Sisam’s website contains links to third-party websites. The linked sites are not under the control of J. B. Sisam, and  is not responsible for the contents of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site. J. B. Sisam is providing these links only as a convenience, and the inclusion of a link does not imply endorsement by J. B. Sisam.

The J. B. Sisam Logo and the J. B. Sisam Ministries Logo are the sole property of J. B. Sisam and are copyrighted as such. These marks may not be used for any purpose without prior written consent of J. B. Sisam and J. B. Sisam Ministries.

If you want to use any of my writings where the guidelines do not cover please contact me at and I will be happy to help.